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Crisis Management, Restructuring & Reorganization

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Corona shows the way. Crisis often hit companies hard and unexpected. Through effective restructuring, you can prevent unwanted consequences, thus emerging afterwards even stronger.

Due to various crisis, many companies become effected by it. In such situations it is important to be able to secure the liquidity of your company. It is also important to safeguard earnings. Both goals can be reached through early crisis management (early warning system) and effective restructuring & reorganization. Such an undertaking requires extensive planning and a high level of expertise. Our experts will help you plan and implement your projects.

To ensure a successful restructuring of your company, many important decisions are required. Our qdc® experts perform an all-encompassing analysis of your company to determine action priorities. Afterwards, we assist in the preparation of integrated business plans, which provide information about the financial situation of your company. Thus, measures for improvement can be defined at an early stage (early warning system). Our consultants are also active in the preparation or appraisal of reorganization concepts. When implementing such concepts, we naturally pay attention to the country-specific regulations, such as the reorganization improvements, stated by IDW S6.  The concepts we create form an economically and legally resilient foundation. These ideas contain concrete measures aimed at securing the financing and competitiveness of your company. The long-term goal is to ensure a continuous improvement of costs, sales and overall results. Are you looking for results, or excuses?

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The Project Process
  1. close coordination with the stake-holder branch of the company

2. identification of weak points by means of GAP analysis 

3. root cause analysis of weaknesses and identified problems

4. identification of suitable, appropriate, and feasible measures

5. troubleshooting and problem solving according to the supply chain 

6. control of measures for implementation and effectiveness

7. reporting and analysis summary to the customer

Crisis Management, Restructuring & Reorganization

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