Environmental Management System - ISO 14001 Consulting

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Maintain sustainable business management - by implementing the environmental management system ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is considered worldwide, a basis for effective environmental protection, resource efficiency and sustainable corporate management. Through Environmental Management SystemISO 14001 Consulting, you will get an overview of the requirements of this standard policy, and how you can implement them.

In order to achieve this goal, our consultants perform on the basis of an audit the Actual Status Quo assessment, where the possible processing mistakes could be found and corrected. Together, we define our action plan and the time period needed for implementation. In the Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 Consulting, you will learn and understand the general standard requirements, benefiting greatly from our diversified teaching methods. After the planning and preparation phase, the measures will now be implemented. This includes the synergizing new and the existing systems and procedures. Under the aspect of continuous improvement, an effectiveness measures will be carried out, so that necessary adjustments might be implemented. This way, you can receive the ISO 14001 Certification.

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The Project Process

Identification of environmental protection-related areas in company’s specific departments

2. Documentation

Statement of the identified deviations in a portfolio

3. Implementation

Sustainable implementation of the documented course of action

4. Effectiveness Review

Continuous development of capabilities, mental awareness, and methods to ensure sustainable assurance

5. CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

Increase effectiveness and efficiency in all sectors

Environmental management System - ISO 14001 Consulting