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Fire Protection Officer

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When it comes to fire protection, you are, as a fire protection officer, the number one contact person in the company. You will be highly competent to advise the supervising employees in the executive branch on all matters associated from fire prevention to remedial action in the event of damage. For many property insurers, the existence of an experienced fire protection officer is an essential criterion for a successful financial protection in the event of damage.

The existence of legal requirements, such as special building regulations (sales facility regulations, industrial building regulations), form the framework of a Fire Protection Officer. Possessing his professional know-how, the Fire Protection Officer has the competence to analyze and manage the internal fire protection requirements, in order to make a knowledgeable decision, regarding its preventive effectiveness towards his employer. When it comes to the analysis of the employee’s training schedule and their effective education, the qdc® is your competent external partner.


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