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FMEA basic knowledge
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Finally. FMEA becomes smooth.

The new version of the FMEA manual is now available, and it also simplifies things. This is because there are now uniform FMEA requirements from VDA and AIAG for development partners and suppliers in the automotive industry. You will find out what these are exactly in our 1-day seminar on FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). In addition, we will provide you with a number of practical methods and tools that will help you to create your FMEA. Learn from our trainers the most powerful arguments for a disciplined FMEA creation and management in your company.

Practice oriented & challenging. With us you’re guaranteed to experience the most practical training for the FMEA in Saxony, and receive useful templates and tips, regarding the implementation of FMEA. Call your Coach. Still have questions about the onsite implementation in your daily work? Get immediate response and correct answers with our free consultation expert. Working together in small groups. Up to 12 places per compact seminar, we provide above-average practical know-how and individual learning success. Personal online campus helloQ. All documents, such as handouts, scripts, or flipchart content, are available in print and digitally. Access to your online campus helloQ is free of charge for 3 years. Snack bar: Delicious and healthy. We provide healthy and tasty meals, snacks, and drinks.
At the end of the seminar, you will receive a certificate of attendance.
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Our Goals

Easy start into the FMEA topic
– Basics
– 7 FMEA-Steps

We go into depth – Simulation of the 7 steps of a FMEA:


  1. Scoping – scope of consideration
    • What is scoping?
    • Why scoping?
    • The right project and schedule planning (who, what, when, with what)
  2. Structural analysis
    • Why is a structural analysis important?
  3. Functional analysis
    • Why is a functional analysis important?

Error analysis and risk minimization

  1. Error analysis (practice exercise, Ishikawa and 5 Why)
    • Why is error analysis important?
    • Practice Ishikawa and 5 Why (5x Why)
    • Targeted error analysis & cause research by means of questioning techniques
  2. Risk analysis
    • Why is risk assessment important?
    • A short practical excursus on ISO 31000
    • Omission of RPN, instead AP (Action Priority) | Risk Matrix (RMR)
    • Critical examination of the evaluations
    • Evaluation catalogues
  3. Optimization
    • What are the goals of the optimization?
    • Determination and evaluation of the correct measures

Risk documentation

  1. Risk and outcome documentation
    • What are the objectives of results documentation?
    • Presenting results in a comprehensible way
    • The optimal risk communication

Result: A guide for your implementation. With the new harmonization according to VDA /
AIAG, FMEA is a pioneering component of the entire product development process.

Costs / Fees

Seminar Standart

525 plus VAT
  • 1 day of full FMEA Training
  • AIAG & VDA manual as option
  • professional and competent trainers
  • call your coach
  • personal online campus helloQ
  • meals during the training

Seminar All inclusive

675 plus VAT
  • 1 day of full FMEA Training
  • AIAG & VDA manual as option
  • professional and competent trainers
  • call your coach
  • personal online campus helloQ
  • meals during the training
  • accommodation with breakfast and dinner

Seminar Online

425 plus VAT
  • live training with our practical experts
  • newest FMEA information
  • 1 FMEA checklist for practical issues
  • call your coach flatrate
  • digital campus helloQ

Seminar Individual / Inhouse

FMEA Update Training (according to VDA / AIAG)

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