refers to the external expert with specific know-how, hired on the short-term basis, who is able to step in to compensate for the loss of your personnel. Interim management, referred also as "Management on time", is a temporary group of external specialist and experts hired to perform management tasks for your company. Such temporary support, possessing distinct know-how with many years of practical experience, and in line with the Project Management Institute (PMI standard), is possible in Project Management.

Lean Manager

How do you avoid any wasteful mistakes along the value chain?

Quality Manager

How can you improve customer satisfaction, the quality of your product and service?

Complaints Expert

How can you achieve, increase, and maintain customer satisfaction in the long term?

Quality Management Representative (QMB)

Do you wish to have main manager to supervise your QM system?

Energy Management Representative (EMC)

Do you wish to have a coordinator and central contact person for your energy management system?

Environmental Management Representative (UMB)

Do you need help in the continuous maintenance and monitoring of your environmental management system?

Quality planner (sampling, relocation, new projects)

How do you manage to deal with the complexity of ever-changing technologies in the future?

Restructuring & reorganization of companies

How do you manage to make your company more attractive in the market?

Work safety specialist "Sifa“

Do you need a support in questions regarding safety and health of your employees?

Fire protection officer

Would you like to have a main contact person, in reference to all the fire protection issues in your company?

IFS Representative

How do you achieve maximum quality and highest reliability of your products?

Managing Director

Do you have an exact overview of how your company is running right now?

Factory Manager

Do you want a main contact person for all work processes along the value chain?

Production manager

Would you like help in monitoring production routes and developing strategies?

Commercial manager

Do you know your ZDF's (numbers-data-facts)?

Logistics Manager

How do you create a competitive advantage over your competition?

Logistics Planner

How does your product get from A to B?

Project manager

Do you want to finally realize your long-planned projects?

HR Manager

How to find the right person for the right job?

Purchasing Manager

How to optimize your purchasing process and find the right suppliers?

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