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How you can avoid misuse and why should you register for the Lean Management Basic Seminar?

Lean management is a philosophy originating from the Toyota Production System (TPS), reducing costs, shortening lead times, and identifying cost effecting misuse. The Lean philosophy follows a systematic, practical approach, using well-known techniques to eliminate wasteful problems along the entire value chain. Implementing the pragmatic root cause analysis of weak points, as well as of other proven methods, the company’s processes are substanciably improved. Our experienced trainers and consultants will equip you with the necessary know-how, to be able to immediately apply the knowledge in your practice.

Für wen ist das Lean Management Grundlagenseminar?

Geschäftsführer, Führungskräfte, Planer, Projektleiter und Prozessverantwortliche in Produktions- oder Dienstleistungsunternehmen. Alle Personen, die einen Überblick über Lean Management und seine Vorteile gewinnen wollen.

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Practice oriented & challenging. With us you’re guaranteed to experience the most practical training in Lean Management in Chemnitz. You will immediately receive usable templates, exercises, and methods for implementation. Call your Coach. Still have questions about the onsite implementation in your daily work? Get immediate response and correct answers with our free consultation expert. Working together in small groups. Up to 12 places per compact seminar, we provide above-average practical know-how and individual learning success. Personal online campus helloQ. All documents, such as handouts, scripts or flipchart content, are available in print and digitally. Access to your online campus helloQ is free of charge for 3 years. Snack bar. Delicious and healthy. We provide healthy and tasty meals, snacks and drinks.
At the end of the qdc® seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance.
In addition, by participating in the 5S and Misapplication seminars, you will also receive a certificate for this package.
Our Goals

In the Lean Management seminar, you will learn in an interactive way, the methods and techniques, which will enable you to make your company processes more efficient and customer oriented. You will also receive essential tools, enabling you to identify misuse, and to avoid it in the future. The organizations that continuously work on improving their processes, are in the position to hold their own, in the competitive business environment, thus achieving a long-term success.

– Lean Management – The History
– Principles of Lean Management
– Experience/requirements
– Introduction to the Toyota Production System
– Customer-oriented definition of value streams (VSA / VSD)
– Elimination of waste
– error prevention
– Protection of processes
– Group work
– Learning factory to understand about the impact of the principles Lean Management

Costs / Fees

Seminar Standard

575 plus VAT
  • documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and the place of accommodation
  • meals during the training

Seminar All inclusive

725 plus VAT
  • documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and the place of accommodation
  • meals during the training
  • accommodation with breakfast and dinner

Seminar Online

440 plus VAT
  • What to expect:
  • live training with our practical experts
  • newest Lean Management Basic Seminar information
  • call your coach flatrate
  • digital campus helloQ

Seminar Individual / Inhouse

Lean Management Basic Seminar

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