Supplier Management / Development

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How do you optimise your procurement process and how do you select, evaluate and develop your suppliers correctly - we show you how.

Choosing the right suppliers is crucial to the success of your business. With professional supplier management, you can build up a reliable supplier base and continuously expand it. Our consultants show you how to select suitable suppliers, evaluate them and, if necessary, develop them further in order to build a successful and sustainable relationship.

Our supplier management / development consulting starts with a potential analysis of your existing processes in the procurement procedures and the decision-making of your suppliers. For this purpose, supplier audits are carried out in which the focus is on inefficient or faulty process flows. In close cooperation with you, an evaluation scheme is created for your company, which is used for supplier classification. This gives you the opportunity to find the right supplier for your purchasing target in a very short time. Once this is done, our experts guide you through the process of building a successful and sustainable business relationship.

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The project process
1. potential analysis

GAP Analysis of supplier processes through audits


Preparation of a plan of action


Implement existing measures in close cooperation with you

4. effectiveness test

Further development of competences, awareness raising and methods

5. continuous improvement process (CIP)

Increasing performance through targeted support

Supplier Management / Development

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