Logistics Manager

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The goal of our logistics manager is to straighten everything out for you.

Our logistics manager leads the management through his know-how to ensure smooth and on-time processes. In doing so, he is guided by the Six R’s rule: we ensure that the right goods, in the right condition, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right place, are delivered to the right customer.

With our logistics manager, you benefit from many years of experience and new approaches to problem solving. Our logistics manager is responsible for ensuring the efficient use of personnel, machinery and resources through the standardisation and rationalisation of processes. This makes it possible to reduce the costs of the respective processes. The operational and strategic planning and control of logistics is just as much a part of his tasks as the planning of the cost budget and its compliance. In short, the ultimate goal is to optimise your entire logistics process, including goods receipt, storage, order picking, packaging and dispatch.

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