Employee motivation

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Enjoys practical learning

How you can bring motivation and joy into your everyday working life and why you should book the employee motivation seminar?

Numerous research results have shown that motivated employees show higher work performance, are more innovative and are absent from work less often. Due to the increased work capacity, motivated employees are additionally more productive and profitable than demotivated ones. And the employee also benefits: On average, according to the Federal Statistical Office, employees of legal age spend about 45 hours per week at their workplace. Increasingly flexible working models also ensure an increasing fusion between work and leisure. The job is thus a formative part of every employee’s lifetime. Motivation and joy in everyday working life contribute to a high quality of life. Do you want to ensure that everyone in your project team or company is motivated? With the help of the employee motivation seminar, you will be able to do so in the future!


Practical & lively.
With us, you are guaranteed to experience the most practical training on the topic of employee motivation in Chemnitz.
Call your coach.
Still have questions about on-site implementation in your daily work? You can get immediate answers at a spontaneous, free consultation appointment with your coach.
Together in small groups.
With 12 places per compact seminar, we achieve above-average practical relevance and individual learning success.
Personal online campus helloQ.
All documents, such as handouts, scripts or flipchart content, are available in printed and digital form. Access to your online campus helloQ is free of charge for 3 years.
Snack bar.
Delicious and healthy. We provide the necessary energy with healthy and delicious meals, snacks and drinks.


You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the seminar.
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We teach you how to motivate your employees and create a supportive working environment.

Effective leadership
– Recognising and promoting personalities
– Motivating as a role model
– Improving leadership styles
– Target setting

Communication skills
– Communication behaviour (speech patterns; body language)
– Motivating target agreement discussions
– Taking and giving feedback
– Use of recognition and criticism

Self-, employee and team motivation
– Types of motivation
– Blocking and promoting motivation
– Understanding and respecting the motives of others
– Coaching as a motivational tool
– Recognising and solving demotivation

Costs / Fees

Seminar Standard

1160 plus VAT
  • Documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and leisure
  • Catering during the training

Seminar All inclusive

1525 plus VAT
  • Documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and leisure
  • Catering during the training
  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner

Seminar Online

940 plus VAT
  • Live training with our practical experts
  • New employee motivation knowledge
  • Call your Coach Flat Rate
  • Digital Campus helloQ

Seminar Individual / Inhouse

Employee motivation Seminar

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