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How you can optimise your processes by making small changes to your own workflow and why you should book the Six Sigma Green Belt training?

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will lead projects with a high savings potential on a part-time basis. You solve current and challenging problems in your department and consistently follow the DMAIC roadmap. Together with a project team, you will optimise throughput times, inventories and workflows in the company while reducing errors to increase quality. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will be able to apply Lean Six Sigma tools as well as standard statistical procedures in your projects. During the seminar you will work on a project from your company or a case study to ensure the transfer of practice to achieve your personal certification.

Für wen ist die Six Sigma Green Belt Schulung?

Führungskräfte aus den Bereichen F&E, Produktion und Qualitätswesen sowie aus den Bereichen Verwaltung, Marketing und Vertrieb. Zudem Projektleiter und Gruppenleiter, die LEAN und SIX SIGMA Projekte umsetzen sollen.

Six Sigma Green Belt Schulung

Practical & lively.
With us, you are guaranteed to experience the most practical training on the topic of Six Sigma Green Belt in Saxony and learn to correctly apply planning processes and methods as well as statistical methods.
Call your coach.
Still have questions about on-site implementation in your daily work? Get immediate answers at a spontaneous, free consultation appointment with your coach.
Together in small groups.
With 12 places per compact seminar, we achieve above-average practical relevance and individual learning success.
Personal online campus helloQ.
All documents, such as handouts, scripts or flipchart content, are available in printed and digital form. Access to your online campus helloQ is free of charge for 3 years.
Snack bar.
Delicious and healthy. We provide the necessary energy with healthy and delicious meals, snacks and drinks.


At the end of the seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance.
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The Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt (without Lean) usually carries out small projects in their own work area. This often includes optimising processes by making small changes to their own workflow. For this, however, the Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt needs Lean management tools. Training Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belts without Lean Management tools would therefore limit most of the project potential for the Yellow, Green or Black Belt.

Introduction to LEAN Thinking
Origins and principles as well as implementation and results
Phases of LEAN management implementation
Introduction to the Toyota Production System
The five principles of LEAN & the seven types of waste
As-is value stream analysis: forming product families, using symbolism, how to record and deal with problem cases
Perform flow kaizen: Cycle calculation, cell formation, install one-piece flow and build pull systems
Develop target value flow
Carrying out a muda walk, identifying and documenting wastage
Design workplaces with the 5S method
Reduce set-up times with the SMED method
Project definition to determine the initial situation, rough process description
Customer requirements
Systematic determination of the decisive measured variables
Graphical representation of data collections and evaluation options
Basics of statistics
Sampling, measurement system analysis, variation
Formation of key figures, SIGMA calculation
FMEA as systematic process and data analysis
Presentation and review of own projects
Application of inferential statistics, determination of static statements and confirmations (various test procedures, variance analysis, correlation and regression analysis, statistical experimental design DoE = design of experiments)
Possibilities of simulation
Systematic solution generation and selection
Targeted development of target processes
Cost-benefit analysis
Implementation of efficient processes
Process documentation
Monitoring, controlling with statistical methods (SPC)
Application of the statistical software „Minitab“ in concrete case studies

Costs / Fees

Seminar Standard

4550 plus VAT
  • Documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and leisure
  • Catering during the training

Seminar All inclusive

6325 plus VAT
  • Documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and leisure
  • Catering during the training
  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner

Seminar Online

3925 plus VAT
  • Live-Training mit unseren Praxisexperten
  • Neues Six Sigma Green Belt-Wissen
  • Call your Coach-Flatrate
  • Digitaler Campus helloQ

Seminar Individual / Inhouse


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