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Technical Drawing Office - From Paper to Digital

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By switching to a digital drawing office, you are ensure, that your escape and rescue plan drawings, are always easy to find and review.

Unfortunately, it happens quite often, that existing old paper plans are used as work basis, having already files ready to be converted or renovated. These documents are often folded several times, yellowed, in poor condition or simply faulty. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to ensure drawings in digital form. We are happy to help you switch to digital form and bring your inventory data up to date.

The world digitalization continues to advance and permeates more and more industries. Digitization is also becoming increasingly important in the area of technical drawings and designs. Anyone who wants to update old plans must convert them to digital form. In addition, the digital form offers the advantage of not only showing black lines with hatching, but also of displaying multiple layers in clear formsshowing every detail in a logically comprehensible way. Our consultants will show you what to consider when making the switch from paper to digital. To do this, we conduct a potential analysis in your company. By converting to digital format, you can benefit from approximately 75%-time savings, as drawings by hand and their digital transfer are often very time-consuming. As the daily business routine is often very stressful, we take care of the transfer of your inventory data into digital format.  Our consultants will help you to make your company more efficient.  After implementing the new changes, a review will be conducted, to evaluate and adjust their effectivenessin order to ensure your company’s continuous improvement.

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Technical Drawing Office - From Paper to Digital

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