TPM Seminar

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1 day
8 h plus coffee breaks


Available upon request


In Chemnitz, online or at a convenient location near you


Basic knowledge of Lean Management
Enjoys practical learning

How can you prevent procedure losses, and why should you register for the TPM seminar?

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), defines a concept that leads to the optimal use of production facilities, and is intended to increase the effectiveness/efficiency of production facilities. Their optimal use is to be achieved through preventive risk management, coupled with a continuous improvement of plant availability.  

Primarily behind these terms are structural tools enabling a continuous process optimization, focusing on the production. The primary goal is to identify the find the sources responsible for the problems, thereby concentrating on the 20% of the most essential risk issues, in line with the 80/20 Principle, where around 80% of all errors are created by around 20% of the problems.

Für wen ist das TPM Seminar?

Ingenieure, Techniker, Instandhalter, Entwickler, Prozessplaner aus Entwicklung/ Konstruktion, Montage, Fertigung, Produktion, Instandhaltung, Werkzeugbau, Mitarbeiter des technischen Vertriebs und technischen Einkaufs, Produktmanagement und natürlich auch das Top-Management.

TPM Schulung
Practice oriented & challenging. With us you’re guaranteed to experience most practical training regarding TPM in Chemnitz. You will gain an understanding of how to plan, build, maintain, and improve a functioning TPM system. Call your Coach. Still have questions about the onsite implementation in your daily work? Get immediate response and correct answers with our free consultation expert. Working together in small groups. Up to 8 places per compact seminar, we provide above-average practical know-how and individual learning success. Personal online campus helloQ. All documents, such as handouts, scripts, or flipchart content, are available in print and digitally. Access to your online campus helloQ is free of charge for 3 years. Snack bar. Delicious and healthy. We provide healthy and tasty meals, snacks, and drinks.
At the end of the seminar, you will receive a certificate of attendance.
Register today and secure your place in the small business circle of the qdc® Academy.
Our Goals

The goal of Total Productive Management is to eliminate all process losing methods within the company, by using a variety of correct approaches and appropriate tools.  „One hour of planned machine maintenance is better than 5 minutes of unplanned machine outage!“

– TPM principles and their influences
– The aim of TPM
– Planned interruption in which all necessary activities can be completed within a specified time frame
– „Quality in products and processes“ (QPP)
– Various methods and tools to improve process stability
– The three main causes of equipment failure
– The process stability is measured/ defined
– Utilisation rate and effectiveness are in proportion to each other
– „Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP).“
– „Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).“
– Visualization through TPM information board
– Shadowboard
– „Autonomous maintenance“ on the plants
– The most important success drivers in Lean Management
– Use of these factors in your own company
– Learning factory to understand the impact of TPM principles
– Tips and exchange of experience

Costs / Fees

Seminar Standard

630 plus VAT
  • documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and the place of accommodation
  • meals during the training

Seminar All inclusive

795 plus VAT
  • documents and materials (also electronic)
  • professional and competent trainers
  • short distances between training and the place of accommodation
  • meals during the training
  • accommodation with breakfast and dinner

Seminar Online

490 plus VAT
  • What to expect:
  • live training with our practical experts
  • newest TPM information
  • call your coach flat rate
  • digital campus helloQ

Seminar Individual / Inhouse

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