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Enhance the profitability of your company with the help of targeted audits.

An audit in your company gives you a quick and detailed overview of the required standards, related to systems, processes, products and suppliers. Here, the current state of the company is compared with the target state. A distinction is made between 3 types of audits. The system audit, the process audit, and the product audit. Whichever form of audit is to be used in your company, qdc® as your partner can map all types of audits and thus helps you to find the weak points in your company and to improve them in a targeted manner.

Our consultants conduct an audit together with you. The first option is a system audit. Here, the management systems in your company are reviewed and possible deviations from the target state are identified. For example, in this area we offer a system audit in accordance with ISO 9001 or IATF 16949. A system audit can improve the overall performance of your company. A more differentiated variant would be a process audit. In this audit, only individual processes are analyzed. This gives you the opportunity to optimize specific areas of your company. In the area of process audits, we offer VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.7, among others. The third option would be a product audit, which examines whether the product under consideration meets customer expectations and, if not, how you could act. The goal of any audit is to find measures to increase efficiency and thus move your company forward.

Audit Chemnitz
The Project Flow
1. Potenzial Analysis

Recording of actual state and comparison to desired state

2. Documentation

Preparation of audit report with recommendations for sustainable elimination of deviations

3. Implementation

Implementation of new processes or restructuring of old processes

4. Effectiveness Review

Further development of competencies, awareness, and methods

5. CIP (continuous improvement process)

Increasing performance through specific support