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Food safety - through dependable quality and maximum confidence

Due to their know-how, based on reliable industry standards, our IFS representatives will ensure food safety.

Our IFS representatives will develop a process-oriented, cross-interface food management system, which they will set up and investigate for your company. This creates similarity and transparency within the entire supply chain, reducing costs for suppliers, as well as for retailers. Furthermore, they will initiate, accompany, and implement continuous improvement processes, thus proving their effectiveness.

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The Project Process
1. Potential Analysis

System and process auditing, to maintain standard-compliant QM Systems (supplier equivalent)

2. Documentation

Strengthening of quality competence in view of the company’s direction

3. Implementation

Certification-ready QM systems, efficiency improvement of QM tools, problem-solving mechanisms, and internal process flows

4. Effectiveness Assessment

Further development of competencies, awareness improvement and methods

5. CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

Increase performance through targeted mentoring

IFS Food Training and Consulting