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External data protection in Chemnitz - how to comply with the DSGVO!

The topic of data protection has become increasingly relevant for all companies in the Chemnitz region. Since establishing the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), there are threats of severe fines, providing no adequate handling of customer’s personal data, business partners and employees is present. If there’s no sufficient know-how in regard to implement the requirements of the DSGVO and the Data Protection Act, an external data protection officer in Chemnitz and the surrounding area can help you.

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Understand and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation

Many companies possess only basic knowledge with the requirements of the newly formulated General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Unfortunately, ignorance does not protect against penalties, as the responsible parties do not conform with the data protection regulations, and do not implement sufficient technical and organizational measures (TOM). If a data leak occurs, it is mandatory to notify the competent supervisory authority within 72 hours. If it turns out that you have not done enough for your data security, in line with the DSGVO and the BDSG, you may face severe sanctions and suffer damaging loss of image. It is therefore important to fully understand laws are regulations and to adequately implement them in your own organization.

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How can a data protection officer in Chemnitz help?

The appointment of a data protection officer is mandatory from 20 or more employees, who on regular basis, process the personal data. It is not uncommon for this task to be handed over to an existing employee, who lacks the technical know-how and does not in complying with all legal requirements.

For small and medium-sized companies, an additional employment of a specialist is rarely worthwhile, as there’s not enough workload for the specialized data protection officer. The sensible alternative: an external data protection officer in Chemnitz. This individual will cover all your needs, dealing with all your questions and formalities on the subject of data protection.

The qdc® is happy to ensure that a data protection officer in Chemnitz gives you security and reliability in the sensitive issue of data protection. We have competent specialists who accompany you from the initial analysis and strategic planning, to the permanent cooperation. In doing so, we guarantee the services that fit your industry and your individual demands.

External data protection in Chemnitz - your advantages

An external data protection officer in Chemnitz assures you the many advantages that an in-house solution would not be able to offer. That’s the reason to decide to choose an external partner for your Chemnitz company.

Expertise of the Data Protection Officer

In-house employees are rarely familiar with all the intricacies of modern data protection and DSGVO-compliant data processing. With our external data protection officer, you are assured of up-to-date proficient expertise in this sensitive area. This will save you expensive training costs, as well as the continuing education for your employees, who are needed in other work areas in your company.

Independent support

An external data protection officer performs his duties as an independent partner. This eliminates the conflict-of-interest issue, as the case might be with the inner solution. An external partner can point out problems and hurdles dealing with data protection, where an employee might not address them, fearing possible negative consequences.

Transparent test results

An external data protection officer regularly and professionally documents his findings. This provides your company with a clear set of guideline, as to where strengths and weaknesses lie in the handling of personal data, and how, avoiding any doubts, through target-oriented improvements, legal requirements can be met.

Clear contract conditions

From the external partner’s costs, till the duration of the employment, all the details of the External Data Protection are stated in the legal contract. The contract represents a binding framework for both sides, eliminating any negative surprises. The contract is a legally binding document, stating, among others, billing for our services, in line with a fixed flat rate, without any additional or hidden costs.

External data protection in Chemnitz - contact us now!

Would you like to learn more about how can an external data protection officer in Chemnitz and surrounding Saxon region help you? With no obligation, get in touch with qdc® today! With our wide range of services from quality management to optimized information security, we are happy to help you.

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