Quality Management Representative (QMB)

We offer individual consulting and training regarding all management topics

Quality is the fulfilment of a requirement - with our quality management representative (QMB) at your side

With our quality management representative at your side, you develop your management system further with the help of appropriate quality tools/methods in compliance with standards and ensure that you are ready for certification.

Our quality management representative (QMB) is responsible for the further development and maintenance of your quality management system in accordance with the standard.

He develops measures and establishes new quality standards that meet the increasing customer requirements. By means of audits, our QMB monitors compliance with legal standards and guidelines. He is also the contact person for all quality-related customer concerns with the aim of implementing and monitoring measures to maintain customer satisfaction.

Our QMB supports you in implementing all customer-specific, legal and official requirements in accordance with the standard.

Chemnitz Karriere

Quality Management Representative (QMB)