Complaints Management

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With the help of complaints management - ensure long term your customer satisfaction.

A good complaints management system enables you to systematically identify the causes of complaints, assess and estimate their outcome and take measures to rectify the problems. Our experts will show you how to maintain and increase long term business relations with your customers and suppliers through consistent complaints management.

Our consultant’s goal is to maintain or restore your customers‘ satisfaction. He will show you how to prevent and avoid damaging your image and be able to improve your customer relations. For this purpose, an audit will be conducted to identify possible deviations in the target performance analysis. Based on this analysis, our experts will develop a catalog of measures based on the 8D method. This includes both immediate and long-term measures to optimize your complaints management. Simultaneously, a fundamental analysis is performed (using the 5 Why and/or Ishikawa method) for a final result summary. After the measures have been implemented, an effectiveness check is carried out in the form of an 8D report. If necessary, further measures are now introduced and implemented. Through this continuous repetative cycle, in connection with the FMEA, you can generate a constant improvement in your complaint’s costs. According to the motto: „Quality is when the customer and not the product comes back.“

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The Project Process

Analysis of the existing complaints, considering up to date measures taken


Creation of an action plan

3. Implementation

Implementation of the documented measures on the basis of a workshop

4. Effectiveness Review

Further development of competent, self-security improving methods

5. CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

Increase performance through targeted support

Complaint Management

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