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Fire protection consulting - Preventive, defensive or both - you still have the choice!

The more preventive fire protection is and the more sustainable it is, the less time and money you have to invest in safeguarding your Fire Protection! With effective Fire Protection prevention, you reduce the probabilities of fires emerging, as you can quickly identify the risks and take action to prevent them. This includes regular maintenance and service of your Fire Protection precautionary measures. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the preventive approach of Fire Protection. With our Fire Protection Consulting, we will help you in implementing these exact matters!

Based on the Risk Assessment, Danger Analysis, as well as the legal requirements, promptly seize the Fire Protection Concept. Provide the right components (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors) in the correct amount and in the right places. Based on your existing structures, with regard to your structural, architectural, and organizational Fire Protection requirements, we will help you develop a suitable concept, which will enable you to independently meet all current legal and regulatory requirements. In doing so, we at qdc®, will provide you with the appropriate equipment. By means of an inspection, an assessment of your structural condition will take place. Additionally, we will take a close look at your emergency escape route concept.

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The Project Procedure

Inspection to record the current status


Formulation of the identified deviations in a portfolio

3. implementation

Sustainable implementation of the documented measures

4. Efficacy Review

Further development of competencies, self-awareness, and methods to ensure sustainable assurance

5. CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

Increase effectiveness and efficiency of all areas

Fire Protection Consulting

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